This year our focus at the Boulder campus is improving our facility from which emerge so many outstanding ministries to our own church, our local community and the world. Originally built in 1977, our building is tired and in need of some significant updates. Our goal is to receive $500,000 to refurbish the gym/café and the second floor children’s wing. The remodeling of these important areas will help us serve the next generations at Calvary.

RECEIVED (2/26/17)

GOAL $500,000

Kids Quest

With the next generation in mind we plan to improve the Kids Quest floor. Each week our children’s ministry staff and volunteers love kids and teach them about Christ in an engaging and encouraging way. We know how important it is for young parents to drop their children off in an environment that is safe and engaging; a place kids love to be!


Our cafe is an important space where we welcome guests each week. It is also the biggest space we have to host community events for our church and for groups in our city that regularly use our building. While it has been very functional for forty years, it can’t be described today as warm and inviting! This well-worn space needs a serious refreshing so that people want to be there, sharing coffee, sharing life, and experiencing a Christ-centered community.